Student Services

We believe that the language is a culture. It represents an interaction among people. Simply saying, it gathers people into mass. So, we believe in quality than quantity. Within short period of time, we have achieved an excellent result in German language exam. We have successful stories to guide and motivate you on right way. Truly speaking, we set a learning plan in a logical way, pointing out strong emphasis on conversation skills. In order to improve the interaction, we frequently upgrade a normal course to intensive course where the learner are allotted on small groups with a plenty of attention by our professional. The quality of language, you get from School Abroad is versatile which has its own unique style to guide. Basically, the German language is based on A1, A2, B1 and B2. We have a very impressive and experience experts on work who have devoted their entire life on pace of teaching. Our teaching method is highly organized, comprehensive, demonstrating and focus on practical learning tools. The courses include vocabulary exercises, speaking and listening drills, textual and visual exercises. We enroll you in an appropriate course which you prefer, once you have completed our complementary placement test. So, we would like you all to invite warmly and we do best for your future.

Precisely, we appreciate a march of the client’s viewpoint, assembling their ideas with a requirement based on positive evaluation. In addition, we mutually guide them towards a comfortable zone, resembling their ambitious choices on future career. Hence, we considerably make a satisfying help for your better.
It’s all about one to one process without drowning on one step. Furthermore, we uplift the students with a complete admission process which can be a good priority to the application and highlighting essential areas for a well presentation including references and statement of purpose by our professionals.
Normally, we give a right choice for a degree based on personal strength and skills. So what is the option? We constantly flow vast information regarding a various level of courses and also provide personal guidance to choose appropriate courses depending on student academic, financing background and their interest.
All sorts of necessary assist are frequently generated by our team. We give all these vital information about structure of the test, requirements and upcoming dates for IELTS and TOEFL for online registration. Usually, we also comply online booking of dates for IELTS and TOEFL.
We give an entire guidance on educational loan and assistance in quick and easy manner. Similarly, we have a list of nationalized banks offering loans based on rules and procedures. So, we help you with the whole procedure like an application, selection of banks, required documents and eligibility.
Our counselor makes a proper advice for a student with different types of accommodation on the basis of their current situation of budgets and needs.
We also render a language services like Japanese and German, by a professional experts having adequate experiences on the related courses.
Generally, we organize a session for pre-departure briefing. The students may be in dilemma, holding their breath for a new destination, meeting new faces and cultures on which everything seems to be mess. This session shows a practical and emotional part of our time in the end of process. This time we pour each special drop of genuine and relative information on their head. Basically, we motivate them to stay calm and wise, be down to earth and play good part of roles which they have been always try to play. As much as we can, we try to form a pyramid of confidence on which they may get happy to ramble around. So, they can adjust in every step ahead, preparing awareness about every pro’s and con’s but we give more emphasis to study hard and living a life with a best performance without pacing down whether it is about education or work to survive because we know the difference between a dreamer and real-achiever, and it’s up to you.
We also take good care of booking flights in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and discounts. Likewise, we cheerfully bind with variety of travel agencies which allow us to offer our students a possible rate.