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Study in USA

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The United state has a largest number of international students in the world, with the increasing numbers on a sight. USA is considered as a powerful country which has broad its every perspective into quality pervasively. A career opportunity, flexible programs, supportive facilities, attractive infrastructure and location, world-wide excellence has made Nepalese students to study in USA, inspiring their journey of a life. While studying in USA, the students will be exposed to practical field where advanced technology and research are vital. So, why not USA, if you want to grow up and prefer learning and living, we guarantee you, it will fill your all hidden space in a life with more confident, more open knowledge and visions to cheer up your climate.

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USA is homeland to different Universities and colleges. As a result, higher education system has something that has contributed a lot for every people. The more priority is marked for an academic excellence, holding outstanding programs for all. Out of many, only the brilliants are selected, placing various criteria on the way which motivates to get admit in top Universities and colleges in USA. USA improvises a complete platform to the students all around the world, with an efficient research and support, uplifting the quality education where the students can learn and earn to overcome their curiosity. Some University may grant tuition waiver based on different policies considering student’s available funds, needs and merits. If the student is an outstanding academic, you have better chance of receiving a tuition waiver.


There are wide ranges of courses are made available but the student should meet their requirements at the first point. Basically, the choices are on freedom to the student on the basis of their interest. The student has flexible time to choose a class during the academic year, whereas some courses are offered at multiple times. This system cracks a better time management policy to complete an academic program systematically. On the other hand, most of the universities offer a grants and loans to meet a daily expense as well as tuition in some cases. If the students does have an excellent academic, his/her education may be turn out to be free. Somehow they also offers on-campus job specifying the qualification of the student.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

After a degree, many options may be pushing the students to choose right one. The students are legally authorized for a job only after applying Optional Practical Training Employment Authorization (OPT) on related field. H1-B visa cannot be applied as an individual, but the US employer has to sponsor the international students for their H1-B visa. Once the employer grants a H1-B visa then the person can work freely in USA.

USA has tremendous culture living at the exposure level, interacting different mixed nationalities which directly shows strength on its uniqueness. The adjustable culture and its highly symbolic nature have enriched the life in USA, representing more on international diversity. Take first step to Abroad.