Test Preparation : GRE

GRE is standardized test which is to evaluate the candidate potential to study higher education in USA and many other countries. GRE scores are most determining factor needs to be considered for scholarship and admission requirement in different Universities of USA. It is an online computer adaptive test administered at USEF in Nepal. In Nepal, the computer based GRE is offered and the overall testing time for the computer-based GRE is about 3 hours and 45 minutes where 6 sections are divided with 10 minutes of break following third section.


GRE consist of three parts, they are:

Basically, Analytical writing checks your ability in critical thinking and logical writing skills. It exactly judges your ability of the way you communicate and handle complex ideas, analyzing arguments, strengthen a spotlight on meaningful discussion.

Analytical writing measures two separate tasks -

This component judges a student ability to analyze and evaluate written material and to harmonize the information obtained from it. Generally, it measures the capacity to analyze different parts of sentences and recognize the relationships among concepts and words vitally.
This region fixes the quality of problem solving capacity of students and mainly focuses on basic concepts of algebra, arithmetic, data analysis and geometry.

Structure of Computer-based Test:

1 Analytical Writing

As we have already mentioned on above that it blinks with two measure tasks- Analyze Issue task and Analyze on Argument task. It can be fulfilled with 30 minutes each task.

2. Verbal Reasoning

It appears with 2 sections consisting of approximately 20 questions per section where it takes 30 minutes each section to finish up.

3. Quantitative Reasoning

Usually, it considers two sections, pulling approximate time of 20 questions on per section on one hand and 35 minutes on given time on the other hand.

The Analytical Writing Section will be always at first, whilst the other five sections may appear in any order.