IELTS is most popular English language proficiency test for pursuing higher education and global migration. It is considered as major English language tests in the world. This test is exactly arranged to assess the language ability of the candidates, attending to study or to work. The duration of IELTS is 6 weeks to complete course systematically.


There are mainly two modules, they are,

IELTS for Academic is plotted for those who want to enroll in Universities and other institutions for higher education in different countries of the world.
IELTS for General training is designed for those who are planning to engage in non- academic training or to gain work experience for immigration purpose.

Both the modules are highly applicable in English speaking countries. They consist of four levels - Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.

1. Speaking -

In speaking, the examiner and the test taker makes face to face interview which signifies 3 sections. An authorized examiner will interview you for 11 to 15 minutes to acknowledge your ability. The first part of speaking test is slightly familiar whereas the later can be bit tough on analysis- based question.

2. Listening –

Listening has four sections with ten questions in each section. It takes 40 minutes to get finish up, where 10 minutes are given to transfer the answers to the answer sheet. No extra time or chances are given to the candidate.

3. Writing –

Basically, the writing task catches two stages. In initial stage, 1 test takers write at least 150 words in about 20 minutes, while second phase guides you to write at least 250 words in about 40 minutes. The examiner will penalize if the answers are too short or does not relate to the topic. Answers should be written in full sentence, without bullet points or notes.

4. Reading –

This section is thoughtfully regarded as difficult one on IELTS. It contains 3 passages which need to be complete on 60 minutes, preserving answers to the forty questions. Gradually, the difficulty rises up on the next level due to the variety of questions, replacing hidden answers to perform better.


Generally, GT covers all four skills i.e. Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading. Everyone takes the same listening and speaking tests, where Reading and Writing are bit different from Academic module.

Total Test Time = 2 hours 45 minutes.

Listening, Writing and Reading can be held on the same day, where speaking test may even take place on 2 or 3 days later at certain location, provided by an authorized command.


A test report will be available to test takers 13 days after your test. It shows overall band 9 which is valid up to 2 years.