Test Preparation : Japanese Language

Different people have different motive to lean on, someone may get stuck in abroad studies, some people for training and business opportunities where only your deeds can predict your achievement. Catch your enthusiasm with best communication skill for to move. Similarly, the vital key is better communication skill on various language which you can follow your path from a professional of School Abroad. We have a best language trainer who guide you on marvelous track imparting instructions in English and foreign language courses. We assure you teaching in a small group where the expert communicate individually and push more attention to each student. Similarly, our classes are very popular for Japanese and German language. We hope you make a right choice.

Japanese Language:

Well, Japan is regarded as most reputed country all over the world. They are obviously rich in their resources from natural to artificial. There is diversification of culture in Japan. They warmly welcome a visitor with their honesty and admiration. So, most students are delighted to study in Japan, but the Japanese language comes at the first phase to conquer. We at School Abroad provide you Japanese language course step by step who wants to pursue their higher education or just want to learn for specific purpose in Japan. We have a professional to help you and your career for further education, who has made research, gain a vast knowledge and experience to related field, which definitely set you up to make learn even better than anything else. The most outstanding beneficiaries for you all is we deliver you free language course and free processing to extend yourself but it is extracted for limited time. So, you can grab your opportunities. Hurry up!!

We set a best performance for you clinging the following reason, they are:

In order to apply for Japan,

NAT Exam

It is an examination that measures the Japanese language ability of students who are not native Japanese speakers. The exam was first held in 2007 AD and is used by Japanese students. NAT test is for those who want to study in Japan, improving their Japanese language abilities. This test is designed to judge an ability which is measured in three categories:


Levels 1 and 2:

Levels 3 , 4 and 5:

Test Schedule

Passing Criteria

The two criteria for passing the exam are: One must have scored than the passing score for the exam, and one must have scored over 25% on each section of the exam. If those requirements are met, then the examinee will be deemed to have passed the test. (Note: The passing score differs for each exam). Even if one has a total score which is above the passing score for the exam, but scored less than 25% on one or more of the individual sections, the examinee will receive a failing score for the overall exam. This rule is intended to ensure an unbiased evaluation of each examinee’s Japanese Language Abilities.

TOP-J exam

TOPJ is practical Japanese Proficiency test. It is a test promoted by experts and professors on which they have created themselves as active and dedicate members in the Japanese language education field. It is mainly tracks down for those students to measure their abilities such as vocabulary, grammar, sentence pattern to maintain a fruitful communication with the living society and working out for their adaptation in Japan. We also aim at measuring the ability to understand customs and culture of Japanese society and Japanese companies which make obvious choice to interact person to person confidently. Therefore, its main motive is to learner can activate a key of language and preserve their adaptable capacity in the society of Japan.

TOP-J is the practical Japanese proficiency test is divided into elementary, intermediate, advanced. Whilst applying to study in Japan, the result from TOP J will be the first- hand proof asset of language competence as well as Japanese Language on Proficiency Examination. TOP-J is important matter that needs to be considered on the role of journey ahead to the tempted cities of Japan.

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test):

Japanese- Language Proficiency Test is standardized criterion-referenced test for non-native speakers to judge and accredit Japanese Language Proficiency. It was developed in Japan, and has been offered since 1984 all around the world as a means for evaluating the proficiency of non-native learners.

The JLPT follow its necessities not only on knowledge of Japanese-language vocabulary and grammar but it also follow the path to use the knowledge in actual communication. Everybody does their daily activities which is rely on rolling clock but communication (Language) definitely knocks at the priority. Similarly, the individual speaking a Japanese language is important but a meaningful outline can be pull towards, if he/she speaks at the right time efficiently. Therefore, the JLPT measures comprehensive Japanese- language communicative competence through three elements: “Language Knowledge, Reading and Listening,” The JLPT is directed in five levels (N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5. It blends with the timing of the difficulty and easiness on stepwise. N4 and N5 measure understanding of basic Japanese that is mainly learned in the classroom. N1 and N2 measure understanding of Japanese used in broad range of actual everyday scenes. N3 bridges the gap between N4, N5 and N1, N2.

JLPT ensures a good movement of conversation, holding breathe of strong relationship between Japanese and every people in this world who are warmly and honestly welcome in appreciated Japanese locality.

The test in held twice a year in Nepal. The JLPT certificate does not expire or become invalid over time.